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PROVIDED BY: CodeRefinery, The Carpentries via CodeRefinery

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Instructor training workshops to learn to organise and teach Carpentries and CodeRefinery workshops to spread data literacy, programming skills and best software practices in the Nordics. Our train the trainer program aims at building partnerships with Research Software Engineers and researchers who are willing to lead skills’ transfer within their local communities in the Nordics. Two types of instructor training are offered:

  • Within CodeRefinery the instructor training focuses on learning how to teach tools and best practices in research software development.
  • Within NeIC’s Platinum membership within The Carpentries we also have access to 15 instructor training seats per year. The training course runs over two full days. More details on certification afterwards and a link to the curriculum is found at The Carpentries.

Access policy

A person taking instructor training should be able to commit serving as an instructor of at least a couple of Carpentries or CodeRefinery workshops respectively.

CodeRefinery instructors and volunteers get precedence. The rest is regulated on a first-comes, first-served basis. Eligable NeIC members to apply are: IT Center for Science Ltd (CSC) in Finland, Computing Services University of Iceland (CSUI), Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC), Estonian Scientific Computing Infrastructure (ETAIS), Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) and UNINETT Sigma2 AS in Norway. Your (academic) home institution should be coupled to one of those national e-infrastructure providers.

Please contact the regional Carpentries coordinator for the Nordic and Baltics region, Naoe Tatara if you want to get trained as an instructor through NeIC’s membership within the The Carpentries.

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