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PERIOD: 2017-01-01 — 2019-12-31

LEADER: Matthias Obst


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Recent updates

During spring 2020 we are finalizing our advisory paper to the European Commission, called “Big Data in Marine Science”), a paper that will highlight many of the DeepDive results.

We will continue our popular training activities in biodiversity informatics during 2020 with courses on “Spatial analysis of biodiversity data” (Gothenburg, 25-27. May 2020), “Python for biologists” (Gothenburg, 28-29. May 2020), and Data processing for phylogenomics & population genomics (Kristineberg, 28. Sep - 2. Oct 2020). For more information, please check the website of the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Center.

The development of the PlutoF management system for eco-genomic data continues as part of the EOSC-NORDIC project.

Our AI activities continue with the development of image processing services for the Underwater observatory in the Koster National Park.

About DeepDive

DeepDive is a project for Nordic-Baltic Collaboration on e-Infrastructures for Biodiversity Informatics. Many questions within biodiversity research and nature conservation inherently require easy access to, and combination of, spatio-temporal biodiversity and ecosystem data. The data needs are not restricted to individual countries or areas, but spread wider depending on the temporal or geographical scale of the hypotheses.

Biodiversity informatics is a methodological discipline that helps biodiversity research overcome issues related to the whole value chain of data from data capture to analyses and data products regarding vocabularies, ontologies, digitization of collections, data sharing, data integration, data reliability (fitness for use), data quality, visualization, analysis and long-term archival. The goal of this collaboration is to explore synergies in e-infrastructure development among the Nordic and Baltic countries, and establish common services based on best practice and technical interoperabilty to support biodiversity and ecosystem research.


DeepDive has initiated the a series of Biodiversity Informatics Training Opportunities. These are smaller courses & workshop in Nordic countries, which are co-financed and co-ordinated with national educational initiatives. Online modules of held DeepDive courses can be found below:

Below is a list of DeepDive publications: