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The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) facilitates development and operation of high-quality e-infrastructure solutions in areas of joint Nordic interest.

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The NeIC Affiliate programme is meant to enhance the benefits and impacts of NeIC projects after they have been completed.

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Development of best-in-class e-infrastructure services beyond national capabilities.


Open positions within our Nordic Tier-1 activity


NeIC is looking for a Storage Monitoring Expert and a Storage Developer to work together with the operations team that runs the Nordic distributed Tier-1 site for LHC data storage and computing.

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Getting the Beast to behave


Climate models, the hyper-complex calculators climate scientists use to investigate past, present and future climates, are good at showing the big picture. But we also need regional and local models with the highest possible accuracy, for researchers to work on and for decision-makers to use. That is what the NICEST2 project wants to accomplish for the Nordic region.

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The EISCAT_3D Data Solutions project has ended


NeIC’s EISCAT_3D Data Solutions (E3DDS) project has come to its end. The project started in 2018, and during its lifespan a lot has been achieved. This article allows us to look back at what’s been done and outline E3DDS’s significance to and in the Nordics.

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