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The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) facilitates development and operation of high-quality e-infrastructure solutions in areas of joint Nordic interest.

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The NeIC Affiliate programme is meant to enhance the benefits and impacts of NeIC projects after they have been completed.

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Development of best-in-class e-infrastructure services beyond national capabilities.


Estonia joined the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration


On Tuesday 11th February, the agreement for Estonia to join the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration NeIC was signed at the Delta Centre in Tartu. This agreement gives Estonian research infrastructures the possibility to maintain and enhance their competitiveness and do more international cooperation.

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Open Project Manager positions in Puhuri & NICEST2


NeIC is looking for two Project Managers for its two new projects, Puhuri and NICEST2. The projects will start in 2020. Puhuri will work to enable seamless cross-border service access for Nordic scientists. NICEST2 is a continuation of NeIC’s NICEST project. We encourage both current NeIC staff and new candidates to apply.

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The I-SCAN study as a Tryggve use case


I-SCAN is a study exploring the risk of cancer in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. There has been a belief that patients with IBD have an increased risk of cancer, but studies have shown that for many patients it may not be increased at all. The collaborative project, with the help of Tryggve, takes advantage of the Nordic registries and aims to give updated and valid estimates of cancer risk in IBD.

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