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The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) facilitates development and operation of high-quality e-infrastructure solutions in areas of joint Nordic interest.

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The NeIC Affiliate Programme enhances the benefits and impacts of NeIC projects after they have been completed.

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Development of best-in-class e-infrastructure services beyond national capabilities.


Three project proposals to enter funding negotiations


The decision on new NeIC projects to enter funding negotiations has been taken. Out of the 11 excellent project proposals that were submitted, three were considered the most feasible, most relevant and beneficial for the Nordic region and most aligned with the NeIC strategy.

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PaRI - NeIC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic


NeIC is a collaboration that puts great emphasis on contributing to Nordic societies’ well-being and competitiveness. The Nordic Pandemic Research Infrastructure (PaRI) project has successfully worked towards more efficient collaboration in cross-border data processing between the Nordic countries.

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Anja Wiesbrock started as NeIC Administrative Coordinator


The NeIC Office in Oslo grew stronger in August as a new person joined the team. Anja Wiesbrock takes on the diverse tasks of the Administrative Coordinator and becomes a member of the NeIC Executive team and PM-PO, the forum of Project managers and Project Owners. Welcome to NeIC, Anja!

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