Pre-announcement: Open invitation for collaboration


Our plan is to invite e-Infrastructure providers, developers, researchers and related communities around the Nordic region to propose collaboration projects within digital infrastructure of joint Nordic interest.

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Registration for NeIC2019 is now open!


NeIC2019 is this year hosted by DeiC and will take place at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center in Copenhagen, 14- 16th May.

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FAIR data stewardship: Supporting FAIR data interoperability


This 4-day course is a fully fledged training event which will provide the much needed foundational skills for competent data stewards and data managers in the Nordic countries with knowledge of the FAIR principles and their application.

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Private weather observations to be integrated into forecasting


Why should weather forecasts be based solely on observations coming from “official” weather stations, when there are millions of connected devices out there measuring surface pressure? Observations from the “Internet of things”, such as intelligent cars, phones, buildings and personal weather stations could be added to the mix, to provide even more detailed information on local to hyper-local meteorological phenomena.

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New Communications Officer position open within NeIC


NeIC is seeking a Communications Officer and/or Web Developer to fill one or more 20-40% positions

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New report on The State of Open Science in the Nordic Countries


The report on The State of Open Science in the Nordic Countries: Enabling Data Science in the Nordic Region, written by Andreas Jaunsen on behalf NeIC, seeks to identify activities that can help to improve the conditions and means for enabling data-driven science in the Nordics.

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FAIR Awareness Day: Towards Automatic Data Re-Use


FAIR Data is data that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable by computers. This full day seminar provides an introduction to what the FAIRification of (research) data entails, how it promotes open science (Open by default, closed as necessary) and why this is part of good practice in Data Stewardship.

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Improved Observation Usage in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP): the iOBS Project


As a follow up to the work members of the first Glenna project performed together with experts at FMI, Met.Norway and SMHI to cloudify a scaled down numerical weather prediction (NWP) code, we will continue the collaboration with the same partners in a new project called iOBS, funded by Nordforsk and managed by NeIC.

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Update from the Nordic High Performance Computing & Applications Workshop in Iceland


On 13-15 June 2018, the University of Iceland hosted the 2nd Nordic High Performance Computing & Applications Workshop, a three-day event featuring HPC experts and domain scientists from Iceland, the U.S. and Germany, talking about topics ranging from project experiences to technology tutorials.

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DeepDive - improving biodiversity e-Infrastructures by collaboration


The Nordic-Baltic Collaboration on e-Infrastructures for Biodiversity Informatics (DeepDive) research project is seeking to find solutions to access to data across countries by facilitating and intensifying collaboration in the Nordic-Baltic region. The project was started in 2017 with partners from Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland and Sweden.

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Dates announced for the NeIC2019 conference


In 2019, the three-day event will take place in Copenhagen between 14- 16th May. NeIC2019 will be hosted by NeIC and DeiC, and organised in collaboration with CSC, RHnet, SNIC and UNINETT Sigma2.

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NeIC 2017 Annual Report


To share with you all the things we have been up to in 2017 we have created the NeIC 2017 Annual Report. We hope you will enjoy the read!

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NeIC welcomes a new member to the board


NeIC is pleased to announce that Hans A. Eide (Sigma2) will be the Norwegian representative on the NeIC board from June 2018.

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NICEST ESGF workshop at NSC


NSC hosted the NICEST ESGF Workshop from 22 through 24th May, with the aim to impart hands-on training in ESGF installation, certificate management, and datanode configuration for data publication.

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NICEST at CMIP workshop in Bergen


Klaus Zimmermann of the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute lectured on ESMValTool at a workshop on using the upcoming CMIP6 data at the Bjerknes centre in Bergen, Norway.

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The Open Call for Letters of Interest for Collaboration is now closed


NeIC is preparing a new five-year strategic plan for 2020-2025. In relation to this, NeIC gathered information throughout 2018 about the directions and goals for e-infrastructure in the Nordic region. The deadline was the 15th of May.

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How do you create a NeIC identity?


To be able to answer the question “How do you create a NeIC identity” it is important to identify what the NeIC identity actually is. What does it mean to be a member of NeIC, and how does the NeIC identity either complement or clash with local organisational identities?

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How do we build a Nordic-wide community of scientific software developers, application experts and other e-science experts?


This blog post is the result of the speed blogging session during NeIC All Hands Meeting 2018, where participants were given one hour to collaboratively write an opinion piece on various subject matters.

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Two new members joining the NeIC Executive Team


During May this year we will welcome two new members to the NeIC Executive Team, increasing our capacity in the areas of eScience, strategy and funding.

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The Nordic Language Processing Laboratory


The Nordic Language Processing Laboratory (NLPL) is a Nordic collaborative research project under the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). The project is seeking to train the next generation of scientists to work on the language technology on which services such as Google Translate and Siri (Apple’s speech-recognition programme) are based.

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NeIC position paper on Nordic Open Science Collaboration


NeIC has written a position paper on what a Nordic Open Science Cloud could look like, and how NeIC could play a role in this. If you ar interested in reading about NeIC's position on EOSC and NOSC, please have a look here.

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NeIC calls for Letters of Interest for Collaboration and Requests for Information


NeIC will be gathering information throughout 2018 about the directions and goals for e-infrastructure in the Nordic region. We are inviting input and suggestions from the Nordic research and e-infrastructure communities in two ways, one for information that will be used by NeIC in the short term (2-3 years) and one for information that will be useful in the longer term (>5 years).

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Scallop - A Tryggve use case on analysing genetic and medical data


Imagine that you had access to genetic and medical data from thousands of patients with various medical backgrounds, but you lacked an adequate way to work with the data across borders. Read about Tryggve helped the Scallop consortium over these challenges.

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All Hands Meeting 2018


Last week saw the completion of another successful AHM meeting for NeIC.

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Nordic High Performance Computing & Applications Workshop


In August 2017, the University of Iceland held a successful Nordic High Performance Computing & Applications Workshop in Reykjavík with participants from across the Nordics.

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Tryggve2 kick-off meeting building sensitive data infrastructure for research


The second term of Nordic Tryggve collaboration on cross-border services for sensitive biomedical research data – Tryggve2 – was officially launched in Stockholm on 7–8 November, 2017.

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Andreas Jaunsen New Data Management Specialist


NeIC has appointed Andreas Jaunsen to the role of Data Management Specialist.

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NeIC established MoU with ETAIS


We are thrilled to announce that NeIC has officially established a memorandum of understanding with The Estonian Scientific Computing Infrastructure (ETAIS)

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Open call for course mobility and travel grants now available


You can now apply for travel grants offered by NeIC's Ratatosk Travel Mobility Enhancement Programme as well as submit a proposal to the Open Call on Course Mobility.

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Chandan Basu new Project Manager for Earth System Modelling project


NeIC has engaged Chandan Basu as project manager for NICEST, its project on Earth System Modelling. This project will strengthen the Nordic ESM community by efficiently using various e-infrastructures through competence building, and sharing and exchanging knowledge.

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NeIC awarded funding from the Research Council of Norway


NeIC, together with Sigma2, is one of 19 projects (out of 92 applicants) who have been invited to contract negotiations with the Research Council of Norway."

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NeIC Dellingr Project opens the resource-sharing pilot


Through Dellingr NeIC will work with the national e-infrastructure providers to define a functional framework for resource sharing that will recognize and build upon the unique strengths of each provider to advance research in each of the respective countries and within the Nordic region overall.

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NeIC welcomes its new Chair


Dr Steen Pedersen, Director of DeIC, appointed as Chair of NeIC Board will serve s two-year term starting 15th June 2017, with Gunnar Bøe, Managing Director of UNINETT Sigma2, elected as chair-in-elect.

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NeIC reveals its new Human Resource policy


Part of NeIC’s co-funding and collaboration strategy is to bring together highly competent staff from the local eInfrastructure providers in the Nordic countries to tackle eInfrastructure challenges beyond what is currently possible on individual national scales. In keeping with the NeIC2020 strategy implementation plan, NeIC has achieved one of its milestones and drawn up a human resource policy to facilitate this.

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Saving lives with a secure system for sharing biomedical data


Before: Biomedical researchers often exchanged sensitive data about people’s health between institutions or across borders via poorly protected means such as USB drives or CDs sent via registered mail. Now: Researchers can exchange data at great speed – and save more lives – via a secure Nordic data sharing service.

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Building a cloud for Nordic researchers


Researchers across the Nordic region are starting to enjoy a new “elastic” cloud computing infrastructure from where they can collaborate and share systems and resources. The Glenna project has already supported the development of both a Norwegian and a Danish national cloud service into true Nordic services, and more services are in the pipeline.

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NeIC 2017: Crossing boundaries - changing the world


More than 200 technical experts, researchers, and decision-makers in computing and storage joined forces at the NeIC 2017 conference. The event took place in Umeå, Sweden from 29 May – 1 June and included both workshops and conference sessions with high-profile speakers from academia and industry.

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New Project Management positions open within Earth System Modelling and Biodiversity


NeIC is looking for one or two Project Managers for our Biodiversity Informatics and Earth System Modelling projects that will work to facilitate and intensify collaboration on e-infrastructure in these fields.

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John White new Dellingr Project Manager


Through Dellingr NeIC will work with the national e-infrastructure providers to define a functional framework for resource sharing that will recognize and build upon the unique strengths of each provider to advance research in each of the respective countries and within the Nordic region overall.

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The most successful distributed environment I’ve encountered


“The Nordic eInfrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) has developed the most successful distributed environment I’ve ever worked in,” states Jon Kerr Nilsen of the University Center for Information Technology (USIT) at the University of Oslo. He is so pleased with the NeIC system that he intends to replicate it to a large degree when designing a High Performance Computing operations environment between four Norwegian universities.

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Tryggve2 increases Nordic efforts within e-Infrastructure for sensitive data


At its meeting on 16 March, the NeIC Board agreed to extend the Tryggve collaboration into a new three-year project – Tryggve2. The plan is to launch Tryggve2 on 21 October 2017, directly following the current project period.

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The smartest storage for the world’s largest data volumes


CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest, most complex experimental facility, generating the world’s largest data volumes. This calls for extremely smart data handling and storage solutions, and one of the smartest is distributed between four Nordic countries.

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Studying dark matter


“The Nordic Data Grid Facility works so well that it has become one of the most efficient of all the Tier 1 facilities,” says Professor Farid Ould-Sadaa at the University of Oslo. He analyses data from CERN and the Large Hadron Collider in a quest to solve one of the largest remaining mysteries in science: the nature of dark matter.

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Better software leads to better science


Software and computing skills have become essential in most fields of research, but researchers are often struggling with software that is unnecessarily complex and therefore not sustainable. But help is at hand, in the shape of workshops that promote better software development practices in scientific communities across the Nordic countries.

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New report: Ethical review, data protection and biomedical research in the Nordic countries – a legal perspective


The latest NordForsk Policy Paper gives an overview of the existing legislation in the Nordic countries regarding the collection and re-use of health-related personal data in medical research.

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#NeIC2017 now open for registration


Building on the enthusiasm from the first two Nordic e-Infrastructure Conferences in 2013 and 2015, we are happy to announce the next NeIC Conference, to be hosted by NeIC and SNIC at the Umeå Folkets Hus.

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Tomasz Malkiewicz new member of the NeIC Executive Management team


Tomasz will be part of the NeIC Executive Team, where he will help implement strategy, contribute to future strategy development, coordinate NeIC’s activities on resource sharing and sensitive data collaboration, and initiate new technical projects.

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Kine Nordstokkå new NeIC coordinator


Kine will work at the NeIC secretariat in Oslo to coordinate and support the growing portfolio of projects and NeIC team across the Nordic region.

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Tryggve takes care of sensitive data


Researchers seeking to share biomedical data between Nordic countries face both technical and legal hurdles. The joint Nordic project Tryggve offers services that address these challenges by allowing researchers to process and share data securely across national borders.

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Genetics and environment across borders


What are the roles played by environmental and genetic factors in the development of schizophrenia? This question is being examined by an interdisciplinary team of researchers in five different countries. The Tryggve secure IT-based system has been vital in enabling researchers to share data across borders.

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The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) is seeking a Training Programme Manager


NeIC is looking for a Training Programme Manager to develop and facilitate the implementation of a Nordic training programme for technical staff in the Nordic e-infrastructure community.

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The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) is seeking Resource Sharing Project Manager


NeIC is looking for a Project Manager to implement a main component of the NeIC strategy. The envisioned outcome of the resource sharing project is a set of e-infrastructure policies, common processes and associated framework that forms a Nordic platform for providing services to share resources in an effective and consistent manner.

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The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) is seeking NeIC Storage Specialist


NeIC is looking for a Storage Specialist to strengthen the Nordic Tier-1 team. As member of a dynamic virtual team you will have a variety of challenging tasks and involve extensive contact with research groups and specialist communities in the Nordic countries and internationally.

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The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) is seeking NeIC Coordinators and Project Managers


NeIC is looking for the next generation of entrepreneurs to foster the Nordic e-infrastructure community. We are aiming to reinvigorate and diversify our team and we encourage both current NeIC staff and new candidates to apply.

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Nordic model offers unique set of competencies in large data set analysis


Although it might be more cost-effective to consolidate six Nordic computing centres into one, the Nordic distributed model also provides a unique set of competencies, new evaluation report concludes

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Joint Nordic training: Improve your e-Skills


To make the most of our e-infrastructure resources in the Nordic countries, NeIC has launched a coordinated Nordic calendar indicating when and where you can find events to improve your skills. An easy and simple tool to use.

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Glenna F2F meeting held in Kastrup


During this year's Glenna F2F meeting demonstrations and hands-on tutorials of Cloud services available so far were held.

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Dates announced for the NeIC 2017 Conference


Save the date: The next NeIC conference will be held in Umeå on 29 May – 1 June 2017.

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A Nordic accounting system for Grid & HPC systems


The NeIC project SGAS is an accounting system for Grid and HPC systems that began as part of the Swedish Grid project SweGrid. The project was completed 30 September 2015

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Enhancing eInfrastructures for wild animal research


A Biotelemetry Sensor Data Workshop was held in Uppsala in November 2015 as part of the effort to enhance Nordic collaboration on how to handle data from sensors mounted on wild animals.

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Intensifying collaboration on the EISCAT_3D eInfrastructure


On 5 November 2015, the NeIC EISCAT_3D Support (E3DS) project hosted a meeting in Stockholm, where stakeholders from the Nordic countries gathered to update one another on the status of EISCAT_3D, the progress of the E3DS project and the eInfrastructure roadmaps of providers of network, storage and computing resources.

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How do Nordic researchers use supercomputing resources?


In the report “Cognitus, a Science Case for High Performance Computing in the Nordic Region”, Dr Rob Pennington has analyzed the use of high performance computing facilities and resources among Nordic researchers. He found that the research in the Nordic region that depends on computational capabilities is “clearly internationally competitive.”

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New ideas to develop e-infrastructure for Nordic biodiversity


On 26/27 August 2015, biodiversity researchers and service developers gathered in Oslo to present scientific use cases and to discuss opportunities for Nordic collaboration on advancing e-Infrastructure and its use beyond what is possible at the national level.

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New NeIC board appointed


1 June 2015 the NordForsk board appointed a new NeIC board.

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Josep Flix engaged as WLCG specialist


Josep Flix, Port d’Informaciò Cientifica (PIC) is engaged as external consultant/e-infrastructure specialist on WLCG Operations.

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Large turnout for NeIC 2015


Building on the success of the inaugural conference in 2013, the 2015 version of the Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference attracted more than 180 scientists, experts, and decision makers.

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New report on high performance computing in the Nordics


Nordic researchers are becoming increasingly dependent on digital research infrastructure.

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Nordic-Baltic e-Infrastructure collaboration on the agenda


NeIC2015 conference is soon to begin - Frank Hanssen from the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research will talk on collaboration within biodiversity informatics.

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13 days to go – registration open until Sunday 26 April


NeIC2015 conference – Nordic Collaboration for Global Excellence is coming up soon! Nearly 200 participants have registered, and registration is open until Sunday 26 April.

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NeIC is looking for WLCG specialist


We have an open position for an external consultant/e-infrastructure specialist on WLCG Operations. Apply before 3 May 2015.

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All Hands Meeting 2015


The first NeIC All Hands Meeting gathered 47 people at Skeikampen, 27.-30. January.

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John White new NeIC project manager for the Supporting EISCAT_3D-project


NeIC has hired Geneva-based physicist John White to support EISCAT_3D in meeting its e-Infrastructure and e-Science needs.

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Registration now open: NeIC2015 conference


NeIC will 5-8 May 2015 host the second conference on e-infrastructure: Nordic Collaboration for Global Excellence.

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Glenna Project has started: Let’s create a Nordic cloud


The Glenna project was launched 3 November in Arlanda, Stockholm. Project Manager Dan Still invited a total of 13 participants from the five Nordic countries to attend the kick-off meeting.

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Opening in the clouds


Meet Dan Still. He is the newest member of the NeIC team and is responsible for the Glenna project. Glenna is Icelandic for “opening in the clouds” - a poetic way to designate the coming Nordic Cloud.

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The Tryggve project is underway


On 21 and 22 October 2014, project leader Antti Pursula hosted the kick-off conference for the Tryggve project at the Technical University of Denmark.

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Thomas Röblitz new Area Coordinator for Environmental Sciences


Thomas Röblitz is located at the University of Oslo, University Center for Information Technology (USIT), and holds a 80% position at NeIC. He was educated at Humboldt University in Berlin, and holds a PhD in Computer Science focusing on Grid Resource management. Thomas has extensive experience in researching, designing, developing and operating distributed e-Infrastructures for scientists in Norway, the Nordics and Europe. He is currently coordinating USIT's HPC compute area which serves local, national and internation scientists from various desciplines.

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NeIC 2020 co-funding proposal


In 2013, the research funding agencies and NordForsk signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that provides the framework for 10 more years of e-Infrastructure collaboration under the NeIC umbrella. Furthermore, the funding agencies requested a funding plan for 2016-2020.

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Extended deadline: Project manager/e-infrastructure specialist for EISCAT_3D support


EISCAT_3D is an environmental research infrastructure on the European ESFRI roadmap, and NeIC is seeking a project manager/e-infrastructure specialist who can support the EISCAT_3D project in dealing with e-infrastructure challenges.

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Engaged discussions at the Nordic accounting workshop 2014 in Uppsala


Lively discussions on hot topics as energy-, GPU/Accelerator- and Cloud accounting have been held at this year's Nordic accounting workshop.

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Let it grow


On 23–25 September 2014 NORDUnet hosted its 28th NORDUnet Conference in Uppsala, bringing together networking and cloud computing experts and users. NeIC’s Director Gudmund Høst presented the NeIC business model, focusing on the human factor. And precisely in the spirit of enhancing human relations between their organisations, NeIC and NORDUnet met for a working lunch.

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Small files – Big impact: B2Share Nordic


The need for storing scientific data grows rapidly along with the technological development. The need to store in the easiest and most accessible way grows too. B2Share is an answer to this need.

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Rob Pennington joins the NeIC team


NCSA deputy director Rob Pennington has joined the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration team as a special advisor from Sept. 15. While at NeIC, Rob will lead efforts to develop the Nordic scientific case for large-scale high-performance computing.

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NOK 500 000 in NordForsk funding for Nordic software solution


The Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) is an Open Source software solution that facilitates researcher participation in CERN's Large Hadron Collider experiments, among other applications.

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Dejan Vitlacil joins the NeIC Executive Team


Dejan Vitlacil is engaged as temporary NeIC Generic Area Coordinator from October 1st.

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NeIC is seeking Nordic WLCG Tier-1 system administrators


Do you want to be a part of our team? NeIC is seeking two new system administrators to join the virtual NT1 team.

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Letters of interest have now been published


The letters of Interest received by the deadline on May 15 2014 has now been published. NeIC received a total of 10 Letters of Interest, and these will form valuable input to the development of our new funding plan.

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NeIC is seeking Area Coordinator


Do you want to be a part of our team? NeIC is seeking a new area coordinator who can further develop the Generic Area as well as coordinate existing projects.

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NeIC seeking input for new funding plan


The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) is drawing up its new five-year funding plan, to start in 2016, and is seeking input through Letters of Interest from the research community on priority areas on which to focus.

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NeIC 2015 conference


The NeIC 2015 Conference is scheduled for 5-8. May 2015 in Espoo, Finland.

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A delicate balance between securing and sharing data


NeIC has recently hired Antti Pursula to coordinate the Tryggve Project – an ambitious project designed to develop simpler, safer, e-infrastructure services for researchers to improve our quality of life. Mr Pursula is employed by CSC in Finland, and will continue to have his office there. In this interview he explains the Tryggve Project.

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New NeIC project leader for sensitive BMS data


Antti Pursula has accepted the position as NeIC project leader for sensitive BMS data. Antti currently works as Project Director for Research Infrastructures at CSC – IT Center for Science. Antti's tentative starting date is February 1st, 2014. The NeIC project on sensitive data for BMS (Tryggve) is a collaboration between NeIC and the ELIXIR-nodes in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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NeIC at the EGI Community Forum 2014


NeIC will participate at the EGI Community Forum 19 to 23 May 2014.

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NeIC is seeking a project leader for sensitive BMS data


Do you want to be a part of our team? NeIC is seeking a project leader to drive the development of a Nordic platform for sensitive data in bio- and medical sciences.

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The NeIC is seeking an SGAS Software Developer


Do you want to be a part of our team? The NeIC is seeking an expert who can deliver maintenance and development of the SGAS project.

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NeIC BMS meeting the 2 July 2013 for secure storage and computation on sensitive data


Do you work with sensitive data? Your ideas for developing the area are much welcome!

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Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration Conference 13-16 May 2013 in Trondheim


Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration: Lessons, Opportunities and Future Directions

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Do we make the best use of PRACE?


An evaluation of the Nordic use of PRACE will be proposed this August

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Discussions on e-Infrastructure in Trondheim


Questions on e-Infrastructure were discussed on the conference “Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration: Lessons, Opportunities and Future Directions” 15-16 May 2013 in Trondheim. NeIC held the conference in cooperation with CSC - IT Center for Science, DeIC, NORDUnet, Norwegian University of Science & Technology, RHnet, Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing and UNINETT Sigma. 160 researchers, policy makers and R&D industry representatives participated.

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PDC User’s Pub in Stockholm


The popular PDC User’s Pub event took place on 17 April 2013 at the PDC Center for High Performance Computing at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

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NeIC hires two new coordinators


The NeIC is pleased to announce that Michaela Barth began in her position as Coordinator for Generic Technologies on 1 March 2013, and Joel Hedlund became Coordinator for Bio- and Medical Sciences Services on 1 April 2013.

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10 years of Nordic collaboration on e-infrastructure ensured


A historical milestone in long-term Nordic collaboration has been reached with the signing of a 10-year agreement on joint development of advanced IT-services for research. The agreement will be presented Wednesday 15 May 2013 in Trondheim where the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) is holding a conference on e-Infrastructure.

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