Affiliate project, one-year results-transfer period

PERIOD: 2023-02-01 — 2023-12-31

LEADER: Lene Krøl Andersen



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The one-year Results-transfer period for EOSC-Nordic aims at Realising Business Benefits and Changes for the uptake of the EOSC in the Nordic Baltic region (EOSC-Nordic project) 

Content of the collaboration 

The EOSC-Nordic collaboration will work together with NeIC on: 

  • Enhancing sustainability of the EOSC-Nordic results and outcomes within the partner organisations and communities 
  • Increasing the FAIR uptake and competences across the Nordic & Baltic region
  • Increase the EOSC uptake across disciplines, institutions and country borders in the Nordic & Baltic region 
  • Bridging the Nordic & Baltic eInfrastructure collaboration into the EOSC