Affiliate project, operations

PERIOD: 2017-04-21 — 2019

LEADER: Anne-Marie Bach



Nordic training portals - Training portals relevant to NeIC and stakeholders.

Upcoming training - Training events relevant to NeIC and stakeholders.

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Final Report

About Ratatosk


The Ratatosk mobility enhancement programme was a NeIC training activity with a yearly budget of 0.5 million NOK. The name Ratatosk refers to the squirrel that acts as a messenger on the world tree in Nordic mythology and was chosen as a symbol for busy and engaged knowledge exchange.

Ratatosk increases the opportunities for trainees in two ways:
First is the student mobility part (travel grants) enabling trainees to travel to attend Nordic training courses which are not available locally. The second, the course mobility part of the programme, is by supporting training courses as movable modules that can bring the training closer to the trainees.


Icelandic Workshops - Free cross-national training workshops on high-performance computing and applications, relevant to scientists and e-Infrastructure personnel in the Nordic region. First workshop held in August 2017, the second one in June 2018.
Digital Humanities - Phase one in this project, activities to stimulate the uptake of research within Digital Humanities by ensuring easy access to well planned and well documented course material, a workshop held in August 2017. By June 2018 a final report on phase 1 based on a questionnaire sent out to all Nordic research institutions within Humanities & Arts.
Travel Grants for researchers in the Nordics have been granted on a monthly basis, surveys from each applicant on each event will be a part of the evaluation of this Travel Grant activity.
Course Mobility Grants have been approved for 5 workshops to take place in the Nordics on Software Carpentry Trainings, a small (show up) fee will be collected. Surveys on these workshops are included in the Final report.