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STATUS: Active

PROVIDED BY: Vilnius University

PERSISTENT IDENTIFIER: doi: 10.23673/fx60-fx15 (stats / citing)

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We provide the following services:

Creation of data analysis models in HPC environment. Initiation of data analysis process; data preparation for data analysis; development and experimental evaluation of algorithms suitable for data analysis. Algorithms of data filtering, discovery of outliers, classification, clustering, and association rule mining and time series. Programs used: R, Weka, Qctave and others.

Optimization and creation of analytical algorithms in HPC environment of business process data visualization and analysis. Visual analysis of generated data for business processes applying common visualization methodologies of data analysis and processes in HPC environment. Structural, visual and descriptive analysis considering data multidimensionality and complexity of the process in applied business process environment. Programs used R,Weka, Octave, Gaussian, Gamess and others.

Creation of massive data management and analysis algorithms using cloud computing. Creation, experimental usage and evaluation of “Big data” or even massive data databases in HPC and cloud computing environments. Programs used: NoSQL, Hadoop, BigTable and others.

Development of management and analytical algorithms of sensors and stream data in HPC and cloud computing. Implementation of algorithms of constantly evolving and regularly updated data models and similarity of time series. Application of essential temporal properties in research and algorithms for sensorial and geographic data. Programs used PostgreSQL, TPR indexes, streaming DB and others.

Relocation and data analysis of business processes in cloud computing. Customization and experimental evaluation of Business Systems for transition to cloud computing environments. Consulting and installation of commercial or open-source cloud computing environment. Programs used: S3, OpenNebula, OpenStack, VMware (ESXi), Hyper-V, XenServer, KVM, OpenVZ, VirtualBox and others.

Calculations and creation of algorithms for video and audio processing. Extraction of properties for conventional (photo and video) and medical images. The development of efficient algorithms for content image search and massive processing. Programs used: FFTW, WT, POV-Ray, and others.

Expert consulting in IT area. Expert consulting on IT product properties, non-trivial solutions and their evaluation. Analysis and application of new research methods involving VU MIF researchers.

Expert consulting and training strategies in Cyber Security area. Analysis of Cyber Security issues in business process and threat assessment. Tabletop and cyber range environments involving VU MIF researchers."

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