The NeIC is seeking an SGAS Software Developer

Do you want to be a part of our team? The NeIC is seeking an expert who can deliver maintenance and development of the SGAS project.

The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) is looking for a Software Developer being able to maintain and develop the SGAS accounting system. Main responsibilities will initially include release management, addressing bug reports and providing advanced technical support for current and new SGAS deployments and related development projects. Later responsibilities will be extended to keeping SGAS and its reporting tools compatible with new versions of batch systems, reporting systems and middle-wares, representing the Nordic countries in relevant standardisation groups and bodies and realization of a visualisation for the political layer.

Previous practical experience with SGAS and its record generators is highly desirable.

The position has a term of two years and is advertised for an initial commitment of 50% to NeIC, the remaining time being committed to his/her home institution in one of the Nordic countries.

Questions about the position and applications including a short CV may be directed to Michaela Barth, Generic Area Coordinator of NeIC, tel. +46 8 790 7891, email: caela@kth.se within July 28th.

You find the announcement here