NeIC is seeking a project leader for sensitive BMS data

Do you want to be a part of our team? NeIC is seeking a project leader to drive the development of a Nordic platform for sensitive data in bio- and medical sciences.

The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) is looking for a project leader who can lead the development of a distributed and federated Nordic platform for secure storage, processing and authorized sharing of sensitive data, with primary use within bio- and medical sciences (BMS). Main responsibilities will include drafting the detail plan for the project, participating in staffing the project, leading work in the distributed team toward deliveries and project completion, provide regular reports for the project, and maintaining an active requirements dialogue with the reference groups.

Previous experience with formal project management, deep knowledge of BMS e-infrastructure needs, and excellent communication skills with good command of written and spoken English is highly desirable.

The position has a term of three years and is advertised for an initial commitment of 50-100% to NeIC, the remaining time being committed to the home institution in one of the Nordic countries.

Questions about the position may be directed to Joel Hedlund, NeIC BMS coordinator, tel. +46 734607126, email: joel@nsc.liu.se. Applications including CV should be submitted to neic@nordforsk.org within 1 December 2013. Applications for Project leader should include a support letter from the candidate’s home institution and preferably also from a national research- or e-infrastructure organization.

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