NeIC 2020 co-funding proposal

In 2013, the research funding agencies and NordForsk signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that provides the framework for 10 more years of e-Infrastructure collaboration under the NeIC umbrella. Furthermore, the funding agencies requested a funding plan for 2016-2020.

This funding plan has been developed in interaction with the five national e-Infrastructure provider organizations and it is in coherence with the work on revising the Nordic eScience Action Plan that has been commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The funding plan is based on a mixed model where the NeIC partners are invited to make strategic funding allocations for collaboration on Nordic e-Infrastructure during 2016-2020. For each country, this involves an allocation from the national funding agency to NeIC core activity, plus an allocation to national partnering institution(-s).Our experience is that such a mixed funding model generates commitment and sense of ownership, and also accommodates for differences between the national e-Infrastructure organisations. At the Nordic level, we believe that NeIC can make major contributions to NordForsk’s goal of enhancing quality, impact and cost-efficiency of joint Nordic research and research infrastructure actions. NordForsk is invited to follow up on previous support actions and use NeIC as a facilitator for implementation of its new strategy.

View the NeIC 2020 co-funding plan