Registration now open: NeIC2015 conference

NeIC will 5-8 May 2015 host the second conference on e-infrastructure: Nordic Collaboration for Global Excellence.

In 2015, NeIC and CSC are hosting, in collaboration with UNINETT Sigma, NORDUnet, DeIC, RHnet, and SNIC the four days of networking, training, and sharing of ideas in order for the wider e-infrastructure community to get wiser together.

Key speakers are among others

  • Paul C. Messina, Director of Science, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, SDSC
  • Alison Kennedy, EPCC, PRACE board of directors.

The programme consists of two days of workshops and two days of sessions, see neic2015.nordforsk.org for more.

The first e-infrastructure conference was held in Trondheim in May 2013


Join us in discussions, talks, and networking on e-infrastructure in Helsinki