Nordic-Baltic e-Infrastructure collaboration on the agenda

NeIC2015 conference is soon to begin - Frank Hanssen from the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research will talk on collaboration within biodiversity informatics.

The Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference (NeIC) 2015 kicks off on Tuesday, with some 200 participants convening in Espoo, Finland. Frank Hanssen, GIS Coordinator at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) will be speaking on Nordic-Baltic collaboration within biodiversity informatics on Friday 8 May. We asked him what he and other attendees can expect from the event:

“I’m looking forward to becoming better acquainted with the NeIC, expanding my network and learning new things,” explains Mr Hanssen, adding:

“I will be speaking on the importance of expanded Nordic-Baltic R&D collaboration for biodiversity informatics. NordForsk regularly assesses the strategic, scientific and financial benefits of harmonising various infrastructure projects being carried out at the Nordic-Baltic level. Our activities in the LifeWatch Nordic (link) pilot project commissioned by NordForsk have enabled us to identify a number of needs, bottlenecks, possibilities and strategies. With substantial funding, a Nordic-Baltic cooperative effort could help to strengthen research infrastructure at the European level and boost the competitiveness of Nordic and Baltic countries in the areas of research, eScience and innovation. The collaboration between the NeIC and the European Data e-Infrastructure Initiative (EUDAT) is vital to our work, and I am very pleased to be promoting it at NeIC 2015.”

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