NeIC is seeking NeIC Coordinators and Project Managers

NeIC is looking for the next generation of entrepreneurs to foster the Nordic e-infrastructure community. We are aiming to reinvigorate and diversify our team and we encourage both current NeIC staff and new candidates to apply.

The ideal candidates have excellent communication and collaboration skills, as well as expertise from development, deployment or operation of e-Infrastructure services. Candidates are expected to have experience in managing projects, relevant higher education and broad knowledge of technologies used in e-Infrastructures for research. It is expected that the candidates are employed at a national e-Infrastructure organization or one of its collaborating institutions. Candidates must have a good command of English (both written and spoken). The positions entail a wide variety of interesting tasks and involve extensive contact with research groups and specialist communities in the Nordic countries and internationally. Considerable travelling may be required.

NeIC Coordinators NeIC is managed by an Executive Team, chaired by the Director. Executive Team members are senior experts (NeIC Coordinators), each with a range of functions. These functions include

  • Initiating new technical projects in partnership with national e-Infrastructure providers or user communities with national status.
  • Overseeing ongoing projects and advising project managers.
  • Engaging with communities, gathering requirements, exploiting future opportunities, facilitating meetings and collaboration spaces.

NeIC is seeking 1-3 Coordinators within the areas of Nordic Tier-1 coordination, pooling competencies, sharing resources stakeholder engagement and fostering Nordic communities. Each NeIC Coordinator is expected to commit 50-80% of his/her time to NeIC, the remaining time being committed to his/her home institution. The positions are for four years, with possibility for renewal.

NeIC Project Managers NeIC Project Managers report to the Executive Team and to the Project Steering Group. The functions and responsibilities of the Project Manager include:

  • Developing and maintaining a detailed project plan.
  • Participating in the selection of project staff.
  • Leading work in the distributed team toward deliveries and project completion.
  • Providing regular progress reports for the project.
  • Maintaining an active requirements dialogue with stakeholders or reference groups.
  • Producing the final report upon project completion.

NeIC is seeking two Project Managers within the areas of resource sharing and cloud services.

In the context of NeIC’s strategy implementation plan, the resources to share can be hardware (CPU cycles, storage), software, services, or human resources. A framework for sharing hardware resources is necessary for pursuing several collaboration opportunities, including HPC, data storage and cloud initiatives. Important elements include federated authentication, authorization and accounting, as well as harmonizing procedures in compliance with national rules and regulations. Another opportunity is the sharing of application expertise for advanced user support. The project will be defined and carried out with the involvement of national providers through an open planning effort. The planning will explore and consider the possibilities, processes and steps necessary to carry out the project in a manner that is harmonized with and supportive of the national providers and programs while also supporting Nordic programs.

Since 2014, NeIC has been coordinating the Glenna Nordic cloud project, see https://neic.no/glenna/. NeIC is looking into the opportunities for a follow up project that aims to provide added value to the national initiatives by (1) Supporting national cloud initiatives to sustain affordable IaaS cloud resources through knowledge-exchange and pooling competency on cloud operations, (2) Using such national resources to establishing an internationally leading collaboration on data-intensive computing in collaboration with user-communities, (3) Leveraging the pooled competency to take responsibility for assessing future hybrid cloud technology and communicate that to the national initiatives, and (4) Supporting use of resources by pooling national cloud application expert support and create a Nordic support channel for cloud and big data.

Each Project Manager is expected to commit 50-80% of his/her time to NeIC over a three-year period, the remaining time being committed to his/her home institution.

All new positions will be available late 2016 or early 2017. Questions may be directed to Gudmund Høst, Director of NeIC, tel. +47 9581684. Applications including CV should be submitted to gudmund.host@nordforsk.org within September 25th, 2016. Applications should include a support letter from a national e-Infrastructure organisation in one of the Nordic countries.

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