The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) is seeking a Training Programme Manager

NeIC is looking for a Training Programme Manager to develop and facilitate the implementation of a Nordic training programme for technical staff in the Nordic e-infrastructure community.

As member of the distributed NeIC team you will have wide contact with NeIC staff and staff in the national e-infrastructure organizations. You share a general interest in research and training within the e-infrastructure domain. You are proficient in all forms of communication and time management and you have demonstrated skills in the organization of events. Candidates must have a good command of English (both written and spoken). Considerable traveling may be required. The Training Programme Manager will work closely with a group of national provider representatives that works to pool competences across the Nordic countries. The Training Programme Manager will report to this group and have regular follow-ups with a member of the NeIC Executive Team. The functions and responsibilities of the Training Programme Manager include:

  • Handling applications for the NeIC mobility enhancement programme
  • Developing and updating the webform using gitHub.
  • Keeping the NeIC training calendar updated
  • Supporting the national training coordinators
  • Keeping track of available trainers in the Nordic countries (inventory of trainings should be done on the national level instead)
  • Integration of a train-the-trainer concept in the Nordic countries (both Nordic and national)
  • Being proactive in moving the courses: finding people willing to make their courses more transferable
  • Organizing a workshop on Pooling Competencies

The Training Programme Manager is expected to commit 50% of his/her time to NeIC through a three-year (renewable) service contract, any remaining time being committed to his/her home institution. Questions may be directed to Michaela Barth, Generic Area Coordinator, tel. +46 700907891, email caela@kth.se or to Gudmund Høst, Director of NeIC, tel. +47 9581684. Applications including CV should be submitted to gudmund.host@nordforsk.org within January 31st, 2017. Applications should include a support letter from a national e-infrastructure organization in one of the Nordic countries.

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