New report from NordForsk: Ethical review, data protection and biomedical research in the Nordic countries – a legal perspective

During the last few years, NordForsk has made targeted investments in facilitating utilisation of Nordic health data in research. The Nordic countries possess unique population-based registries used for administrative purposes and statistics, as well as high-quality biobanks.

The potential for research based on Nordic data sets is evident, and there are many advantages to opening the door to research that could be conducted across the entire Nordic region. However, existing hurdles and bottlenecks, including legal ones, make it difficult to gain access to and share health data.

In addition to giving a legal perspective on collection and re-use of health-related personal data in medical research, the report looks at how ethical review is integrated in the regulatory frameworks, including in the European general data protection regulation that will come into force May 2018.

The report has been commissioned by NordForsk and is written by Dr. Marjut Salokannel.

Download or order your copy at the NordForsk website