NeIC reveals its new Human Resource policy

Part of NeIC’s co-funding and collaboration strategy is to bring together highly competent staff from the local eInfrastructure providers in the Nordic countries to tackle eInfrastructure challenges beyond what is currently possible on individual national scales. In keeping with the NeIC2020 strategy implementation plan, NeIC has achieved one of its milestones and drawn up a human resource policy to facilitate this.

In order to succeed as a collaboration, NeIC must be able to pool competencies from the five Nordic countries. The 2020 strategy is implemented through four focus areas, one of which is “Pool Competencies”. One of the activities within this focus area is targeted towards making NeIC more attractive for skilled personnel.

NeIC’s new human resource (HR) policy is to be seen as a supplement to the existing local staff policies at the staff member’s host organisation. The HR policy focuses on competence-building opportunities. NeIC actively encourages personal skills development and therefore prioritises competence-building activities of relevance for the tasks that staff members are contracted to carry out. Competence development is a means of ensuring that NeIC employees remain motivated and have the skills and qualifications needed to fulfill their duties in an effective, satisfactory manner. The HR policy also covers staff mobility, recruitment, equality and diversity. When the contract with NeIC concludes, each staff member should be even more experienced and capable as an employee.

You can read the NeIC HR policy here. As a next step the development dialogue template will be revised. In future, the HR policy will be updated based on relevant feedback, such as regular surveys, from the staff and organisations with which NeIC collaborates.