Steen Pedersen new Chair of NeIC Board

At its Board meeting on the 15th June, Pekka Lehtovuori (Director, Services for research, CSC), who has served as Chair of the NeIC Board for a two-year period, handed over his responsibilities as Chair to Dr. Steen Pedersen, Director of the Danish e-Infrastructure Collaboration (DeIC). Steen will serve as Chair of NeIC Board for two years, while Gunnar Bøe, Managing Director of UNINETT Sigma2 has been elected as chair-in-elect for the following two-year period.

NeIC would like to thank Lehtovuori for his service as NeIC Chair for the past two years.

About Dr Steen Pedersen

Steen Pedersen has a M.Sc. and Ph.D in electronics and applied physics from DTU. Since 1999 Steen has been the CEO of the Danish Research Network, which in 2012 became a broader organisation also including the national cooperation on HPC and storage, Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation, DeIC. Steen is currently chairman of the board of Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration, NeIC, and a member of NORDUnet and UNINETT boards.