Chandan Basu new NICEST Project Manager

NeIC has engaged Chandan Basu as project manager for NICEST, its project on Earth System Modelling. This project will strengthen the Nordic ESM community by efficiently using various e-infrastructures through competence building, and sharing and exchanging knowledge. It will result in increased efficiency of ESM teams and open doors for future scientific and technical collaborations. The project will increase collaboration along three focused activities:

  1. ESGF node administration: Installation, configuration, update and maintenance
  2. ESM competence building: Training to build, run & analyse; efficient use of models, building documentation, sharing tools
  3. ESM data quality control: Knowledge exchange, training and support for systematic QC of ESM data published on ESGF nodes

About Chandan Basu

Chandan works in NSC, Linköping as an Application Expert in computational science. Chandan holds a PhD in Physics. For the last few years, he has worked on optimization of codes from several domains, e.g., materials science, cfd, esm etc. He has participated in optimization activities in PRACE, ISENES and others. He develops and maintains HPC related system software and is actively engaged in user support groups at NSC. From 2017-08-15 he has been working in NeIC as its NICEST project manager. On the personal side, Chandan is Indian and lives in Sweden with his wife and two children.