Open call for course mobility and travel grants

The Ratatosk Mobility Enhancement Programme is entering execution phase today. The efforts of this Nordic programme are directed to increasing the opportunities for trainees in two ways: student mobility via travel grants and course mobility.

Ratatosk Travel Grants available

You can now apply for a Ratatosk travel grant - the grant will provide or supply travel funding for staff and end users (researchers) of the Nordic e-infrastructure community who can benefit from access to training programs offered in other Nordic countries. The first cut-off date is set to October 2, 2017. The second cut-off is scheduled for October 16, 2017.

Open Call for Course Mobility

Furthermore, we are happy to announce an open call for course mobility proposals. The mobility enhancement programme is a framework for transferring courses, extend and/or supplement national training efforts (even across national borders) in a Nordic context. The main target group for the open call for course mobility are presenters (teachers, trainers and instructors) who want to open up their courses to a Nordic audience. The application process is available from September 15, 2017 to October 15, 2017.