Andreas Jaunsen New Data Management Specialist


NeIC has appointed Andreas Jaunsen to the role of Data Management Specialist. In this role, Jaunsen will function as a Special Adviser to NeIC, providing inputs to strategy development and implementation of collaborative activities. His areas of responsibilities includes sharing competence and experiences within data management and related fields with NeIC as input to strategy development, facilitating a Nordic forum for research data management and advising on the initiation and implementation of new activities within data management collaboration.

About Andreas Jaunsen

Andreas has a background as researcher in astronomy and holds a PhD in astrophysics from the University of Oslo (UiO). He has worked at several observatories, including Nordic Optical Telescope, Canarias and the Very Large Telescope, Chile. As part of his research, data processing was an essential component. In 2009 he started work as a project manager of sensitive data at USIT, the UiO IT centre for research. In 2010 he started work as project manager of NorStore and national coordinator for data services in UNINETT Sigma AS. Under his management, the initial NorStore infrastructure evolved into an integral part of the service portfolio delivered by the national e-infrastructure provider for academic research in Norway. During his years in UNINETT he has participated in resource allocation, policy definition, design and procurement of large national infrastructures for data storage, service provisioning and build up of a support team.