Nordic High Performance Computing & Applications Workshop

In August 2017, the University of Iceland held a successful Nordic High Performance Computing & Applications Workshop in Reykjavík with participants from across the Nordics.

This 1st workshop was a collaboration between the University of Iceland and NeIC’s Ratatosk programme. Ratatosk is a training activity within NeIC’s focus area on Pooling Competencies; an effort to bring together and strengthen the competencies that exists in the Nordic countries. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC), associated with the NordForsk escience NCoE eSTICC (e-Science Tools for Investigating Climate Change). Videos, slides and photos from the workshop can be found here.

The workshop was run by distinguished experts with over a decade of experience in their fields, who are committed to continue this workshop series as national training coordinators for NeIC in the following years. This also includes the maintenance of the material of the lectures publicly available to be used by other instructors. All material is freely available to the course members and future lecturers.

More to come

News of a 2nd cross-national training on e-science will be published shortly. The next Nordic workshop is planned to take place in Reykjavik spring 2018 and will include even more hands-on exercises. Reykjavik is an excellent location for these workshops. Iceland, and in particular the University of Iceland, furthermore has a strong user community, e.g. in computational physics and chemistry, systems biology, and glaciology.

About Ratatosk

The Ratatosk mobility enhancement programme is a NeIC training activity within the NeIC Strategy 2016-2020. NeIC’s interest in training is focused on e-Science and e-Infrastructure skills among scientists and e-Infrastructure personnel in the Nordic region, for the purpose of raising the quality of the scientific output. The NeIC Ratatosk Travel Mobility Enhancement Programme is relevant only to Nordic training efforts. Nordic training efforts are defined to include all of the training events that are available on the NeIC training calendar. The NeIC training policy is to be considered specifically for these training events but may also provide useful guidelines for national training programs.

All intellectual property in the course should be treated appropriately during conduct of the course as well as afterwards if it can remain available for later use. It is desirable that the courses include webinars, be available through streaming for remote access, and be recorded for offline access. When possible, the course content should be maintained in a repository, e.g. GitHub, and be freely available under an open access or open source license.