NICEST ESGF workshop at NSC

The National Supercomputer Centre (NSC) in Linköping hosted an ESGF node administrator workshop organized by the NICEST project from 22 through 24th May, with the aim to impart hands-on training in ESGF installation, certificate management, and datanode configuration for data publication.

The participants were a mix of both data scientists and system administrators. External speakers, Wyser Klaus of SMHI, Sweden, Ingo Bethke, of Uni Research, Norway, and Ag Stephens of CEDA, UK, delivered presentations on experiences with the ece2cmor3 tool, processing NorESM output for CMIP5 and CMIP6, and re-thinking compliance checking, respectively.

The participants used a specially setup virtual testbed, to practice setting up ESGF services; these resources will be available to them, even after the workshop, to be able to get more hands-on experience, prior to setting up production installations. It was decided to try and coordinate monthly telephone conferences, to exchange notes on progress, and discuss issues if any.