New Communications Officer position open within NeIC

NeIC is seeking a Communications Officer and/or Web Developer to fill one or more 20-40% positions.

NeIC is seeking a Communications Officer to support NeICs growing portfolio of projects. During the last few years NeIC has grown at a rapid speed. It now has a significant portfolio of projects that are making a valuable contribution to the e-infrastructure field. Along with this growth, NeIC is presented with the challenge of communicating what it does, its outcomes and impact in a concise and understandable way to stakeholders both inside and outside the e-infrastructure field. We therefore see a need to expand NeIC’s communication capacity.

NeIC is seeking a Communications Officer and/or Web Developer to fill one or more 20-40% positions. The contract period for this position is 3 years. We offer this part-time position primarily to staff at the national e-infrastructure provider institutions and their collaborating organizations. Staff are in this instance contracted to NeIC through a service agreement between the local employer institution and NeIC.

The ideal candidate has excellent communication and collaboration skills, as well as expertise from communication related work, such as updating websites and social media. Candidates are expected to have some experience in website maintenance, or a genuine interest in developing skills in this area. It is also desirable that the candidate has experience in working with, or is motivated to learn, GitHub, or other similar platforms. For such candidates NeIC will offer flexible work arrangement, stimulating colleagues, systematic training and practice in the PPS project model. It is expected that the candidates are employed at a national e-infrastructure organization or one of its collaborating institutions. Candidates must have a good command of English (both written and spoken). The position entails a wide variety of interesting tasks and involve extensive contact with research groups and specialist communities in the Nordic countries and internationally.

NeIC Communication Officer reports to the NeIC Administration Coordinator. The general functions and responsibilities of the Communications Officer include:

  • Develop and update annual communication plans
  • Regularly update the NeIC website and social media
  • Write articles for web
  • Support in developing NeIC presentation materials
  • Write promotional materials and papers showing NeIC impact
  • Publish regular newsletters, intended both for external and internal users
  • Support the NeIC Executive Team in improving internal communications within NeIC
  • Responsible for NeIC annual reports
  • Attend NeIC Executive Team meetings
  • Write briefs for and liaise with external agencies for one-off communication tasks such as developing updated NeIC leaflets, promo videos, infographics etc.
  • Other external and internal communications

The deadline for applications is January 2nd, 2019. Questions may be directed to Kine Bugge Halvorsen, Administrative Coordinator of NeIC, tel. +47 90810670 (kine.halvorsen@nordforsk.org). Applications including CV should be submitted to gudmund.host@nordforsk.org. If possible, applicants should include a support letter from current or previous employer organisation(-s).

You can find the announcement here