Pre-announcement: Open invitation for collaboration

NeIC is planning for an annual open invitation for e-Infrastructure collaboration. Tentative time for the next call is April 2019 with deadline for submission before the summer.

Our plan is to invite e-Infrastructure providers, developers, researchers and related communities around the Nordic region to propose collaboration projects within digital infrastructure of joint Nordic interest. This may include development of high-quality e-Infrastructure solutions supporting open science or exploring new technologies, sharing knowledge or offering training to improve the use of current and future e-Infrastructure capabilities. The proposed collaboration project may include partners from beyond the Nordic region.

Possible new collaborations or new directions for existing collaborations could start during 2020. Projects are developed in collaboration with researchers and national institutions from participating countries on a cost-sharing basis.

NeIC had an open call for Letters of Interest (LoI) and Request for Information (RfI) in the spring 2018. The submitted LoIs and RfIs provided valuable information about the directions and goals for e-Infrastructure in the Nordic region and input for the preparations for our five-year strategic plan for the 2020–2025 time period. The communities who submitted proposal in either of these calls will be contacted for further discussions and are encouraged to submit an application to the open call.

More information on the process and instructions for proposing the collaboration will be provided later in the spring, tentatively in April. Communities that could be interested in proposing collaboration in the area are invited to contact Lene Krøl Andersen for more information about the collaborative work that NeIC facilitates (email. lene.krol.andersen@deic.dk). Questions about the process may be sent to Johanna Törnroos (email. johanna.tornroos@csc.fi). For more information about NeIC please look at our webpage www.neic.no.

As part of the 2016–2020 strategy, NeIC is working to be a global role model for cross-border distributed and sustainable e-infrastructure services. This vision is supported by efforts in pooling competences and sharing resources in the Nordic region and is reflected in the current set of NeIC projects. Current NeIC projects support the NeIC vision by:

  • Supporting collaboration on e-Infrastructure for researchers in the Nordic region.
  • Providing added value to researchers and national e-infrastructures that aligns with national and Nordic priorities, roadmaps and goals.
  • Contributing to more cost-efficient development and deployment of e-Infrastructure services.
  • Supporting the national research communities and e-Infrastructure providers in terms of competence building, task sharing and joint operation of services

In addition to Nordic impacts, many of the projects also have had deep connections to larger international projects in Europe and beyond. By bringing together competencies of Nordic e-Infrastructure providers and research communities, and challenging this pool of highly skilled IT experts with the requirements of Nordic research communities, new innovative services are being developed and deployed. NeIC has aimed at bringing groups together within key areas of common Nordic interest. The development of such services and collaborations has been a primary focus for NeIC. Details of the current projects can be found at https://wiki.neic.no/wiki/Activities and associated wiki pages.