Towards NeIC2019: Interview with Anders Løland

NeIC2019 takes place at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center in Copenhagen, 14-16th May. One of the Keynote speakers at the conference is Anders Løland from Norsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center). He took the time to give us short and pithy answers to our questions about his work and the topic of his presentation.

Why are you attending NeIC2019?

I was invited to give a talk.

What does the Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning and Image Analysis, or SAMBA, group do? How do you benefit from Open Science?

We do basic and contract research for and with a variety of private and public partners. We employ and develop new statistical and machine learning methods when needed. Because of open science, we get easier access to publications, data and code, which really makes life easier and more reproducible.

At NeIC2019, you’re telling us about “Research perspectives on AI, transparency, privacy, law”. What would be the punchline of the presentation?

Sad, but true: Algorithmic fairness is not always possible. A longer description of the presentation is available here.

Do you think there are risks regarding Open Science and AI? If yes, how severe are they?

Yes, for example ensuring anonymisation in open data will be harder with better AI. Privacy leakages can reduce the public's trust in scientists and their ability to handle sensitive data.

What is your view on the EOSC-Nordic project?

I do not know much about it, but is seems promising!

Please find more information and register for NeIC2019 here. You can register until the 1st of May. We hope to see you in Copenhagen in May!