NeIC 2018 annual report

A lot of exciting new developments took place during 2018, which will help shape the way the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) works in the years to come.

NeIC put a lot of effort into developing its new strategy, which will come into effect in 2020. We look forward to implementing our new strategy, which we hope will be well anchored in who we are as an organisation and the people we work with.

Facilitating strong and well-established collaborations within the Nordic setting is our main emphasis. However, whilst being firmly grounded in the Nordic context, 2018 also provided us with opportunities to broaden our horizon beyond the Nordic region: NeIC developed closer collaborations in the Baltic region. In addition, NeIC was asked to coordinate a Nordic-Baltic proposal worth 6 M€ to a European Commission (EC) call on Support to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Governance. We are delighted to announce that the EOSC-Nordic proposal has been awarded funding from the EC.

During 2018, we strengthened our capacity in the area of FAIR and data. We also welcomed two new members to the NeIC executive team, strengthening our capabilities in the areas of Open Science and monitoring impacts.

A new project was set up, iOBS, dedicated to improved observation usage in numerical weather prediction (NWP). The project will contribute to improved weather forecast quality by improved use of existing and emerging observation types in world-leading operational NWP combined with future generation e-infrastructure.

While being very excited about these new developments, most of all we celebrate the everyday, ongoing efforts of all our projects and the work carried out in order to advance the e-infrastructure field in the Nordic region. You can read more about what each of the projects has worked on and achieved in 2018 throughout this report. We hope you will enjoy the read!

You can read the full 2018 annual report here.