First CMIP6 data, generated in Nordic collaboration, is published

The sixth phase of the WCRP (World Climate Research Programme) sponsored international programme (CMIP6) is now underway with the WCRP Grand Science Challenges as its scientific backdrop. The first CMIP6 data generated by Nordic research groups was published in June this year on the SMHI-NSC ESGF data node. The data is publicly available for download here.

Participation in CMIP6 is very demanding for research and infrastructure collaborations. High levels of requirements and expectations (read more here) are placed on participating organizations. Participating in, and contributing to the CMIP6 program is seen as key for Nordic climate modeling research and for Nordic climate change policy.

Publication of data on ESGF nodes represents the culmination of many years of work. The steps involved include:

  • Model development and testing
  • Configuring the model(s) to the CMIP6 protocols
  • Model calibration
  • Completing simulations
  • Rewriting simulation output in conformance with the CMIP6 standards and quality assurance of the data
  • Publication and maintenance of model results

Collaboration amongst research groups and infrastructure providers is important in order to manage this very demanding workload. This is why NeIC’s support, through the NICEST project, has proven to be very valuable. CMIP6 related NICEST project activities include knowledge sharing and training on preparation of CMIP6 data, quality assurance of model output, user training on model diagnostics tools, and backing for a Nordic ESGF node administration team. NICEST activities are considered to be a cost-effective way of helping Nordic groups improve the efficiency​​, quality and ​​robustness​​ of ​​the CMIP6 data preparation and data hosting services.

Three more ESGF data nodes for CMIP6 data in Nordic countries have been established at DMI, CSC, and Sigma2. Additional data generated by Nordic institutes (SMHI, Met, DMI, FMI, Uni of Helsinki, Bolin Centre, Lund Uni) will be published on these data nodes as the groups complete more simulations and quality assure the output.

Suggested contacts

NSC: Hamish Struthers (Main Contact), Matts Karlsson, Prashanth Dwarakanath (ESGF administrator)
SMHI: Ralf Döscher
Met: Øyvind Seland
FMI: Antti-Ilari Partanen
DMI: Peter Langen
UoH: Jukka-Pekka Kaskinen
NeIC: Chandan Basu (Project Leader), Tomasz Malkiewicz (Project Owner)


NICEST project: