The Nordic e-Infrastructure Services list published

In January 2020, NeIC launched a new activity called Nordic e-Infrastructure Services. The new list of Services aims at bringing the services offered by the Nordic and Estonian providers forward and make them more easily discoverable and accessible for the researchers, communities and organisations across Europe and beyond. The list can be accessed through NeIC’s website at neic.no/services.

The Nordic e-Infrastructure Services list is connected to NeIC’s EOSC-Nordic project. We aim at making sure that NeIC Services are aligned with European Open Science Cloud concept of Services, in particular with the level of descriptions and methods of access. You are very welcome to follow on the EOSC-Nordic activities by visiting the site or subscribing to the newsletter.

To learn more about the new list of Services we have interviewed two people highly involved in creating the list. Tomasz Malkiewicz is a member of the NeIC Executive Team and in charge of the list on behalf of NeIC. Ilja Livenson is the leader of EOSC-Nordic’s work package 3 and the one who developed the list through the Dellingr project. The interview can be seen by clicking either the picture below or here.