Jarno Laitinen the new Project Manager for Puhuri

Jarno Laitinen

Jarno Laitinen from the Finnish CSC - IT Center for Science has been selected as the Project Manager for the new NeIC project, Puhuri. Puhuri will work to enable cross-border service access for Nordic scientists, and the first focus is Nordic access to the LUMI large scale HPC system resources. The project will integrate the user and group management, usage accounting and resource allocation management with the project partners’ national systems. All NeIC members countries – Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – take part in Puhuri. The 2-year project is expected to be launched in June 2020.

“I’m excited to be part of this international project with many stakeholders. The project has a challenging schedule as well as many components and interfaces. These services will be essential in getting LUMI into large scale usage, but in addition to this, they may also serve other projects and initiatives with the tools for allocation, sharing and accessing the resources and services. Fortunately, there has already been good preparatory work, and the steering group exists as well”, says Laitinen.

Laitinen has been working at CSC for over 10 years as a System Administrator for grid and cloud computing, as a Product Owner for CSC’s customer portal and as a Project Manager for a national cloud project. In recent years, he has also been the Technical Coordinator for ELIXIR Finland, providing support to bioscientists in cloud and sensitive data management.