Anne Claire Fouilloux is the new Project Manager for NICEST2

Anne Claire Fouilloux from the Department of Geosciences at the University of Oslo has been selected as the Project Manager for the new NeIC project, NICEST2. NICEST2 - the second phase of the Nordic Collaboration on e-Infrastructures for Earth System Modeling - focuses on strengthening the Nordic position within climate modeling by leveraging, reinforcing and complementing ongoing initiatives. It builds on previous efforts within NICEST (a 3-year NeIC project between 2017-2019) and NordicESM (3-year NordForsk funded project from 2014-12).

“I am very excited about NICEST2 because it will allow researchers and engineers to build on each other’s knowledge and strengths and help to accelerate the deployment and optimization of Climate model ecosystems on future computing resources: a win-win for everyone”, says Fouilloux.

Anne Claire Fouilloux is working at the Department of Geosciences of the University of Oslo (UiO). Her background in Computer Sciences has been complemented by a PhD in Atmospheric Physics. Anne has a strong interest in large-scale scientific computing and open science and actively contributes in the deployment of e-infrastructure for the Climate Modelling Community in Norway. She is in charge of the Nordic Earth System Modelling Hub which aims to facilitate sharing knowledge and resources to study the Earth’s climate and the regional impact of global changes in the Nordic countries. She develops and contributes to training materials on climate science for both climate scientists and new communities. She delivers about 10 training per year on foundational coding, data science skills, best software practices and climate modeling, data analysis & visualization.