Open positions within our Nordic Tier-1 activity

NeIC is currently announcing two new open positions. We are looking for a Monitoring Expert and a Storage Developer to work together with the operations team that runs the Nordic distributed Tier-1 site for LHC data storage and computing. This is a large-scale (>20 PetaByte) storage and computing effort that is part of a wider international infrastructure for storage and computing called Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) which manages data on the ExaByte scale.

The new team members will report to the Nordic Tier-1 (NT1) Manager and are expected to have 50% of full time commitment to the NT1. The remaining time should be committed to their home institution at one of the participating sites.

The Storage Monitoring Expert position is centered around improving the understanding of complex distributed systems in operation, by enhancing instrumentation and monitoring systems, as well as data analysis. This includes a range of tasks, from creating informative dashboard graphs for operations to instrumenting the distributed storage software to extract relevant data. The exact profile can vary according to the candidate, a suitable Storage Monitoring Expert can be a systems administrator with interest in monitoring systems, a data scientist with interest in operations, or a developer with interest in practical deployment and operations of monitoring.

The Storage Developer position is centered around the open source software dCache which powers the distributed storage and the Storage Developer will take part in the international team that develops it in order to ensure that we have a storage system that fits both current and future needs of our unique multi-country instance. The software is built on a distributed framework and is written in Java, and candidates are expected to be proficient in that environment. In addition to the development work, the Storage Developer will also work close to the operations team in order to provide in-depth knowledge about the storage software, and to get the relevant experience to guide the development of dCache towards what’s best for us and the scientific data storage community as a whole.

Please find the open position announcements for the Storage Monitoring Expert and Storage Developer by following the links.