Monica Lassi chosen as the new Senior Advisor

Monica Lassi from LUNARC – Centre for Scientific and Technical Computing at Lund University, Sweden, has been selected as the new Senior Advisor for NeIC Executive Team. She will join and strengthen the Executive Team in their efforts to coordinate NeIC’s wide range of collaboration activities.

At LUNARC, Monica has been building bridges between computing, AI and research data management as an IT architect. She also works as a Coordinator of the development of support for research data management for Lund University. Monica has a Ph.D. in library and information science from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, specialising in scientific collaboration and socio-technical design. Her dissertation is called “Facilitating collaboration”, in which she designed an infrastructure for sharing research objects in an interdisciplinary domain.

Combining her research with her role as an IT architect, Monica has been engaged in two NeIC projects: She operates as a Task leader of investigating and developing incentives for FAIR data in EOSC-Nordic’s WP4, and Monica was the lead participant in creating a project-defined nomenclature Puhuri thereby enabling and improving the collaboration. Monica is also a member of the EOSC Association bylaws drafting group, a group of experts which has drafted the procedures for the EOSC Association for its inaugural General Assembly which will mark a milestone in the establishment of a long term organization for EOSC.

“It is a pleasure to join NeIC’s executive team to contribute to the collaborative culture established over the years. Based on my experiences from working in NeIC coordinated projects and attending events, NeIC has succeeded in the very difficult challenge of establishing a virtual organisation that truly works. I look forward to contribute to the NeIC spirit by facilitating collaboration across distance.”

As a Senior Advisor, Monica will bring to the table a deeper understanding of and lots of experience in coordinating cross-discipline collaboration and developing research infrastructure. Creating and facilitating seamlessness in research communities and groups has been a common nominator in her previous positions. Her experience and knowledge are a very valuable addition to NeIC’s Executive Team.

Monica will start in her new role in the beginning of February. We warmly welcome her to join NeIC’s Executive Team!