Nordic Added Value for NeIC Collaborations

NeIC is a Nordic organization that uses incremental funding to coordinate efforts around research e-infrastructure in the Nordics in support of excellence in research. Adding value through the incremental funding is important in deciding which collaborations NeIC should be involved with, both within the Nordics and outside the region.

The additional value coming out of the efforts should be things that can be identified as important within the region and communicated to the stakeholders. We call this value the Nordic added value. As a result of the importance of Nordic added value within the context of NeIC, understanding and documenting Nordic added value is part of the 2020-2021 implementation plans for the NeIC 2020-2025 strategy. The major elements of Nordic added value for NeIC activities are

  • enabling excellence in research,
  • adding value to the Nordics beyond national capabilities in e-infrastructure,
  • increasing competence and competitiveness in e-infrastructure and
  • acting as a global role model for e-infrastructure collaborations.

You can read the full description on how we perceive and strive to produce Nordic added value in our collaborations here: Nordic Added Value for NeIC collaborations.