NeIC 2020 Annual Report

No one could have foreseen all the exceptional events that took place in 2020. The year started calmly, with Estonia officially becoming a NeIC member, a call for new project proposals, a successful All-hands meeting in Geilo, Norway, and many exciting plans for the coming months. Then came COVID-19 and reminded us that some things are simply beyond our control.

Despite the meeting and travelling restrictions and the general concern, the work in NeIC projects continued. Being a distributed organisation, we have invested in online collaboration tools and are very accustomed to working closely with people we rarely get to meet physically. In addition to carrying on the everyday work, NeIC had some pretty impressive achievements throughout the year.

In the 2020 Annual report, you can read about the work done in NeIC projects, the 2020-2025 strategy implementation and our staff. These are the things we would like to remember going forward. They are a reminder that where there is bad, there can also be good, and that slower progress is progress, too. We want to thank all the people who have been working in NeIC during these exceptional times: your unwavering passion for your work blows us away.

Have a look at the report here:
NeIC 2020 Annual report in spreads
NeIC 2020 Annual report in single pages