PaRI joins the extended Affiliate Programme

The Nordic Pandemic Research Infrastructure project (PaRI) is the second NeIC project to enter the extended Affiliate Programme. The one-year PaRI project focused on facilitating Nordic research on pandemics and especially the COVID-19 pandemic. By collaborating with several international and national initiatives and health institutes, PaRI managed to help researchers not only in the Nordics but also worldwide in their fight against COVID-19.

In the Affiliate Programme, the project’s benefit realisation will be ensured through transferring the responsibility to project partners. There are four main goals:

  • Transferring and sustaining the PaRI results and outcomes within the PaRI partner organisations;
  • Making sure that the PaRI services, Galaxy portal and dashboard, are fully transferred to the associated partners and in use;
  • Identifying the major benefits coming of PaRI based on PaRI Benefit realisation plan and committing to taking responsibility of them after the project ends;
  • Engaging the PaRI project partners in the transferral work coordinated by NeIC.

As a NeIC Affiliate, the benefit realisation of PaRI is sustained for one year and managed by the NeIC Project Management Office (PMO). Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström from NBIS has been selected as the Affiliate Project Coordinator. He will continue his engagement in PaRI to ensure that the transferral of the project results proceeds as intended. The former Project Manager, Abdulrahman Azab, will be acting as the Project Owner of the PaRI Affiliate, representing NeIC PMO.

PaRI proved to be a timely and rewarding platform for knowledge exchange between the project partners and I look forward to supporting them in making the most out of the results. We had a great team and received a lot of valuable feedback from our stakeholder groups, so I feel happy about taking this role.
– PaRI Affiliate Coordinator Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström

The first project to join the extended Affiliate Programme was iOBS, NeIC’s project on improved weather prediction, in July this year.