Invitation for e-infrastructure collaboration on community-forming pre-studies and workshops 2022

Purpose of the call

Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) invites consortia consisting of e-infrastructure providers, developers, researchers and related communities around the Nordic region to propose collaboration projects within e-infrastructure (digital infrastructure) of joint Nordic interest. The proposals may also be initiated by the NeIC Provider Forum.

NeIC facilitates collaboration within e-infrastructure to foster Nordic research excellence. E-infrastructure provides the environment to handle the digital components of the research process. The proposed collaboration may include development of e-infrastructure solutions supporting open science or exploring new technologies, sharing knowledge or offering training to improve the use of current and future e-infrastructure capabilities. Examples of collaborative projects NeIC has supported before are provided on the NeIC website. Particular topics of interest could relate to data centric challenges. Examples may include but are not limited to biodiversity, health registries, biomedical data, artificial intelligence or machine learning, authentication and authorisation infrastructure, quantum computing and cybersecurity.

Eligibility to apply

Participation from at least three countries, of which one can be other than a Nordic country or Estonia, is required. The proposed collaboration may include partners from beyond the Nordic region.

Available funding

A typical pre-study could have a duration of 6-12 months and a budget of maximum 200,000 NOK to cover meeting costs and coordination. A typical budget for a workshop could be 50,000 NOK. The funding will be given to the partner who coordinates the pre-study or workshop. The budget needed for the activities must be described in the proposal. After completion of the pre-study or workshop, NeIC will request a report on the use of funding. The pre-study could start or a workshop be organised during the fall 2022.

NeIC collaboration models - Community-forming pre-study or workshop

The pre-study or workshop could aim at Nordic teams-in-formation to explore synergies of common e-infrastructure solutions and the potential to scope a future development project either with NeIC or another Nordic or EU e-infrastructure call.

How to apply

Proposers must submit their proposals for pre-studies and workshops electronically through the NordForsk application portal no later than 1 March 2022 at 13:00 CET. The application portal is accessible here.

Guidelines for proposing a community-forming pre-study or workshop

The documents below are also available in the NordForsk application portal.

Further information and contacts

For more information about the collaborative work that NeIC facilitates or the open invitation process, please do not hesitate to contact us at neic-helpdesk@neic.no.

For technical support with the application portal, contact support@nordforsk.org.