Mari Arnesen joins the NeIC Executive team

The Administrative Coordinator is a member of the NeIC Executive team and in many ways the connection point between NeIC and the many partner organisations. Supporting the projects and activities as well as overseeing the diverse administrative tasks are essential in running the everyday work in NeIC.

The new Administrative Coordinator, Mari Arnesen, joined NeIC and NordForsk on 19 January and will be working at the NordForsk office in Oslo. Arnesen has recent experience in working as Research Coordinator at the Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (RBUP). She has also worked as Administrative Coordinator for an EU Horizon 2020 project while working at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo.

– When it comes to international collaborations and how to make them work, I believe efficient platforms for communication, and short, structured meetings are beneficial. Also, in my experience, meeting in person usually increases motivation in a project, she says.

Arnesen’s background is in psychology. She graduated from the Norwegian University of Science of Technology (NTNU) with a master’s degree in 2017. She specialised in individual development and has held many research assistant positions, worked as a teacher and examiner and contributed to publications in her field of expertise. The Research Assistant and Coordinator positions have introduced Arnesen to issues related to data management, storing of sensitive data and grant applications – among many other things. In her position at NeIC, she draws on her experience from working as the Administrative coordinator in the EU project, where the objective was to combine data from different European neuroimaging cohorts. She has also gotten acquainted with research infrastructure, in particular with services for sensitive data (TSD) at the University of Oslo.

– Having worked within research and using services like TSD, I know how dependent we are on infrastructure in research. I want to learn more about how the Nordic countries cooperate in research and their platforms for cooperation. I am excited to learn more about e-infrastructure and the different projects in NeIC.