Open position: Project Manager

NeIC is seeking a Project Manager for its Puhuri 2 project, which is expected to start in June 2022. Puhuri 2 will be a continuation of work done in Puhuri 1 to enable seamless cross-border service access for Nordic scientists. The focus, in addition to supporting Nordic access to the LUMI resources, will be on sustainability.

NeIC is seeking a Project Manager to fill a 50% position. The contract period for this position is 2 years. We offer this part-time position primarily to staff at the national e-infrastructure provider institutions and their collaborating organizations. Staff are in this instance contracted to NeIC through a service agreement between the local employer institution and NeIC. We encourage both current NeIC staff and new candidates to apply.

The ideal candidate has excellent communication and collaboration skills, as well as expertise from development, deployment or operation of e-infrastructure services. Knowledge in the field of AAI and federated e-Infrastructure will be considered as an advantage. Candidates are expected to have a genuine interest in developing skills in project management for distributed teams and in providing value-added services to researchers. For such candidates NeIC will offer flexible work arrangement, stimulating colleagues, systematic training and practice in the PPS project model.

The full position announcement can be read here. The deadline for applications is March 15th, 2022. Questions may be directed to Tomasz Malkiewicz, Executive Manager (tomasz.malkiewicz@csc.fi) or Gudmund Høst, Director of NeIC (gudmund.host@nordforsk.org). Applications including CV should be submitted to openpositions@neic.no. If possible, applicants should include a support letter from current or previous employer organization(-s).