NeIC 2021 Annual report

After a somewhat turbulent 2020, 2021 did not leave us twiddling our thumbs. The nine-year-old Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration faced many interesting challenges related to adjusting to the prolonged pandemic and maturing as an organisation. With the collaboration’s ten-year anniversary around the corner, it was presented with new possibilities and also faced uncertainty. The funding arrangements set up back in 2012 will end in December 2022, and we embarked on major efforts to ensure that NeIC would have a future.

We are convinced that what NeIC does contributes to the competitiveness of the Nordic Region as a whole in a unique way. In doing so, it is helping the region become the most sustainable and integrated in the world. Having a positive impact on society, ethics and sustainability, as well as adding genuine value to the Nordic Region are priorities for us, and we strive to demonstrate this to a wider audience, to funders, and to decision-makers.

One of the main tasks of the NeIC office in 2021 was to secure long-term funding beyond 2022. The aim of many of our activities during the year was to achieve this. In 2021, we also continued implementing the strategy for 2020 to 2025, as well as revising and updating the activities under our four strategic objectives. New ideas were presented and the activities that we completed were celebrated and set aside or converted into everyday processes. In 2021, we put more effort into enhancing how projects realised benefits and into our strategic communication, both internally and externally. Despite personnel changes in the executive team, we still achieved great things and enabled NeIC to continue to evolve into the global role model that we believe it has the potential to be.

You can read the report in single pages here and as a more desktop-friendly version in spreads here. We truly hope you will enjoy the report!