Phase 2 of Puhuri will be led by Anders Sjöström

NeIC’s Puhuri project started in June 2020 and has since worked to enable seamless cross-border service access for Nordic researchers and scientists. The aim of the project has been to build and show researchers an easier way to access and use the resources they need in their work. The initial focus has been the new LUMI supercomputer, which will be used not only by researchers in the Nordic countries but also in other European countries and beyond.

In September 2021, it was decided by NeIC’s board that the Puhuri project would receive funding for a second phase. Puhuri2 will begin in June 2022, after the first phase ends, and have a new project manager: Anders Sjöström from LUNARC, center for scientific and technical computing at Lund University in Sweden. Puhuri2 will continue the work done during phase one by ensuring sustainability and adding and enhancing functionalities of the Puhuri system and increasing adoption of the services developed.

– I do hope to be able to continue the excellent work done by Jarno, the project manager during phase one. Working in Puhuri has really been an eye-opener to the complexity of coordinating a multi-national development project with so many talented and brilliant minds all working towards a common goal. I hope to be able to employ the experiences I have made through participating in Dellingr, EOSC-Nordic, and not least Puhuri, Sjöström says.

When asked about goals for the next three years, Sjöström says he would like to focus on expanding the number of service providers using Puhuri, thereby bringing the ease of use of Puhuri to even more members of the European research community, while at the same time consolidating and improving the current and future capabilities of Puhuri.

Sjöström has a MSc in Mathematics from Lund University and he has been working at LUNARC since 2008. He has been the National coordinator of advanced user support of SNIC (the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing) since 2019. Before working in Puhuri, he has been part of two NeIC projects, Dellingr and EOSC-Nordic. A little known fact about Sjöström is that he has worked for many years at the antique bookshop Antikvariat Crafoord handling such rarities as “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium” by Nicholaus Copernicus and Thornton’s “The Temple of flora”.