Impact of Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration

NeIC has produced and published a report that demonstrates our benefits to and impact on the Nordic Region. The report is called ‘Impact of Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration’.

This report is one outcome of the impact study conducted by Johanna Törnroos from CSC, a former Senior advisor at NeIC. Törnroos’ work focused on creating an impact framework for NeIC, identifying the impacts on several levels and analysing them and how they are created in order to strengthen NeIC. One of the many sources of data behind the report is a stakeholder survey that was conducted in 2020. Statistics related to funding, partners and project staff during the 10-year journey of NeIC are also presented.

– The report concludes several years of analysing the impacts of cross-border e-Infrastructure collaboration. An earlier version of this work was presented at the ELIXIR All Hands meeting in June 2020, and Johanna won a prize for the best presentation. I believe that this is a unique piece of work and a framework that can be used to guide impact assessments also in other contexts. The NeIC 2022 Conference with its wide spectrum of participants is the ideal place to present this novel report to inspire further discussions and work on impact assessment. The framework has already found its way to some of our partners, and it will guide NeIC’s effort to further improve our collaboration model in the future, states Gudmund Høst, the director of NeIC.

The report ‘Impact of Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration’ can be accessed here. If you are attending the NeIC 2022 Conference in Oslo on 30.5-1.6, look for the physical copies during the coffee breaks!