Sign up for course “An Introduction to FAIR data stewardship”

After a long break in arranging FAIR training events, NeIC offers a chance to participate in a 3-day intensive introductory course on FAIR data stewardship. The course takes place in Oslo on 8-10 November. This course aims at introducing the participant to the knowledge required to understand and apply the FAIR principles on data and metadata. It focuses on the understanding of the principles, their analysis and on the process to make existing data FAIR.

A significant part in FAIR relates to supporting the ability of artificial agents to interpret discovered information and act accordingly. This is achieved using semantic techniques such as ontologies, Linked Data and Semantic Web, that are also addressed in the course. During the course, participants will conduct some exercises to practice the acquired knowledge.

What: A 3-day course on FAIR data stewardship with introductory sessions and some practical applications.
Who: The course is offered for anyone interested by NeIC through a partnership with Datability.
When: 8-10 November 2022.
Where: Oslo, Norway; precise location will be confirmed soon.
How much: 5200 NOK for regular registrants.

Registration is open until 7 November. Click here to access the registration page for more information.