2022 Annual report

2022 sees the existence of NeIC in its current form for ten years, and it continues to explore new areas for cross-border collaboration and promote seamless e-infrastructure. We’re still working to secure our funding and organisational structure beyond 2023. Despite sustainability challenges, the project managers and teams have continued their outstanding work to improve Nordic e-infrastructure and help researchers.

The project managers’ and project owners’ forum met regularly to discuss current, tough topics and leverage synergies between the projects. We feel that the flow of information between project managers and the executive team has grown stronger and better this year. We have also paid more attention to engaging with our project personnel with the aim of deepening the sense of an NeIC community.

We’re delighted to have a community that is interested in NeIC, our activities, and our impact. In the 2022 annual report, we have summarised our main achievements, events, strategy implementation, and other highlights from last year. We hope it will inspire you in your work. So, please join us in nurturing Nordic collaboration wherever and whenever we can. After all, we can achieve more together than by working on our own.

You can read the report as a desktop-friendly version in spreads here.