Register for Nordic CompBio Week 2023!

We are excited to announce Nordic CompBio Week, a new and open hybrid bioinformatics conference that will begin on 6th November 2023. The conference has a format where participating Nordic regions have conference programmes taking place in-person, and sessions will be live-streamed for virtual attendance. The conference will start off with the Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop that will take place in Stockholm, followed by the programme in Lyngby (Denmark) and then Kuopio (Finland)!

Everybody is warmly welcome to attend regardless of academic level; while our primary target audience is people in the Nordic academic and industrial environment, the conference is open to all for virtual attendance. Register soon here. For updates on conference schedule, please visit this website.

To be a part of the future Nordic CompBio conference showcasing latest research/software development from your Nordic region, please get in touch at info@nordic-compbio.org.

We hope to see you next month!

The Nordic Computational Biology (NCB) pre-study aims to gather and attract Nordic researchers of all academic levels and backgrounds within the field of computational biology. The goal is to become a space for collaboration and professional development. This will be achieved through knowledge-exchange initiatives and events and by providing latest information on ongoing computational research and infrastructures in the Nordic region.