Nordic Microdata Database


PHASE: In progress

PERIOD: 2022-12-01 — 2024-11-30

LEADER: Antti Valkonen


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Nordic Microdata Database

Nordic Microdata Database (NMD)


There has been important national level work within the participating universities and beyond regarding corporate microdata for decades now. A consensus has been building that this work could be done more efficiently and with broader benefits at a more international level. For example, Idar Kreutzer, CEO of Finance Norway was in 2018 assigned by the Nordic Council of Ministers to write a report: “An integrated and effective Nordic ecosystem for innovation and green growth”. One of his specific recommendations was initiative no. 15: “New Nordic academic research initiative to improve policy-making in the field of risk capital and early-stage companies.” A joint Nordic research database is a necessary premise for enhanced regional policy-relevant academic research.

These findings were supported by the Nordic Initiative for Corporate Economics (NICE), lead by Alexander Ljungqvist and Lars Persson, and ultimately lead to the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2022 allocating DKK 1 mill. in project-funding, and in addition commissioned The Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) to facilitate the project.


The goal of the Nordic Microdata Database project is to create a one-stop service for researchers to use Nordic corporate microdata. This will enable researchers to conduct more high-quality research into policy-relevant questions in economics and finance. The indirect benefit of this is an improved reseach and policy making landscape in the Nordics. NMD will also contribute towards similar goals but regarding household and individual microdata.

Project partners

  • Aalto University, FI
  • Copenhagen School of Business, DK
  • Norwegian School of Economics, NO
  • Reseach Institute for Industrial Economics (IFN), SE
  • Stockholm School of Economics, SE