PHASE: Finished

PERIOD: 2017-04-21 — 2019

LEADER: Anne-Marie Bach



Nordic training portals - Training portals relevant to NeIC and stakeholders.

Upcoming training - Training events relevant to NeIC and stakeholders.

External wiki on Ratatosk

Icelandic Workshops - Free cross-national training workshops on high-performance computing and applications, relevant to scientists and e-Infrastructure personnel in the Nordic region.

Digital Humanities - Phase one in this project, activities to stimulate the uptake of research within Digital Humanities by ensuring easy access to well planned and well documented course material.


Ratatosk Final Report

The Ratatosk mobility enhancement programme was a NeIC training activity with a yearly budget of 0.5 million NOK.


The goal of training is to raise competence in staff and end users which leads to more effective and productive work by the Nordic e-infrastructure community. The benefits include more efficient operations and use of resources and an improved capability for the researchers in conducting research.

NeIC’s interest in training is focused on e-Science and e-infrastructure skills among scientists and e-infrastructure personnel in the Nordic region, for the purpose of raising the quality of the scientific output.