EOSC Rules of participation

We recognize that EOSC Rules of Participation have not yet been formally adopted. We are following the process via EOSC-Nordic project and will adopt them once they are released. Below is a set of EOSC-hub current criteria for on-boarding, which provides a good feeling of the goal.

  • It must be an actual service.
    • It must be a service according to the IT Service Management definition. It should be an ongoing activity offered ‘live’ to customers. This may be an IT service, or a human service (e.g. training, consultancy).
    • It may not be a research product, for instance, a document, a dataset or a piece of software.
  • The Service must be coherent. It must be available and offer value on its own. It may not be only a feature of a larger service.
  • The Service must meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • The Service must be targeted to the research community.
    • The Service must be provided by the research community.
    • The Service comes from an EOSC related H2020 funded project.
    • The Service is part of a procurement framework targeting researchers.
  • The Service must be both available in Europe and available in a European language. See https://europa.eu/european-union/about-eu/eu-languages_en.
  • The required fields in the Service Description Template must be filled, including required linked information.
    • URLs must be Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN).
  • The provider must agree to periodically update their data to keep it current.
  • Key information must be in English.
    • The service must be described in English.
    • The basic information in the User Interface for the service must be available in English.
    • Privacy statements, terms of use and SLA/SLS must be available in English. Other documentation may be in native language only.
    • The Helpdesk must be able to answer queries in English at a minimum.

Service definition according to FitSM-0:

  • Way to provide value to customers through bringing about results that they want to achieve.
  • Note that in the context of the FitSM standard series, when referring to services, usually IT services are meant.