Tryggve Use Cases

Tryggve team wants to support researchers in taking the secure data services into use, and thereby to achieve results faster and safer. In practice, Tryggve implements specific Use Cases as part of the project. The Use Cases drive the development in Tryggve towards actual and concrete demands of the users. Use Cases aim to solve real-life issues in data management and/or to provide state-of-the-art research environment for sensitive research data.

The easiest way to start using secure services from Tryggve is to apply for a Tryggve use case. To submit the proposal, the project should have a research plan (involving sensitive data) and already established collaboration in the Nordics. Consult the list below on examples of what kind of support Tryggve can provide for use cases.

Feel free to contact the Tryggve project on any questions concerning accessing of the Nordic systems for sensitive data, for example if you are unsure whether to submit a use case or access separate systems directly.

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