TRYGGVE - Collaboration for Sensitive Data

NeIC Tryggve is the name for the Nordic collaboration for sensitive data funded by NeIC and ELIXIR nodes of participating countries.

Tryggve develops and facilitates access to secure e-infrastructure for sensitive data, suitable for hosting large-scale cross-border biomedical research studies.

Tryggve develops state-of-the-art scalable infrastructure for safe, efficient, ethical, and legal storage, analysis and sharing of sensitive personal data for biomedical research between countries. The project supports open and transparent data access processes by engaging with the key stakeholders from each of the Nordic countries.

Tryggve contributes to facilitating automated cross-border sample and data movements complying with the Nordic legal framework, with an ambition to scale to Europe and beyond. The services developed are easy to reach and use across countries, and moving from one system to another is made simple for the user, taking into account the high security requirements.

The outcomes of NeIC Tryggve project will enable researchers to conduct their research utilising sensitive data in secure settings and facilitate Nordic collaboration in biomedical research. In practice, Tryggve implements specific Use Cases as part of the project. The Use Cases drive the development in Tryggve towards actual and concrete demands of the users. The easiest way to start using secure services from Tryggve is to apply for a Tryggve use case.

Tryggve is divided into two projects: Tryggve1 and Tryggve2 .

Feel free to contact the Tryggve project for more information!

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