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About SGAS

SGAS stands for Swedish Grid Accounting System. It is a grid accounting system used to keep track of resource usage (compute and storage) on computing grids. Initially rooted within the Swedish Grid project, SweGrid, it is currently used to record resource usage within the national infrastructures coordinated by SNIC and UNINETT Sigma, and for the Nordic participation in the WLCG collaboration. SGAS is also spread within the Baltic countries and Switzerland. SGAS is a complete suite with LUTS as the server part and BART as the LRMS (Local Resource Management System) reporter part.

As the name suggests, it was originally developed in Sweden for the needs of the national Swedish grid initiative SweGrid, but has been maintained by NeIC since October 2013. It is used by the NeIC NT1 project as well as a few national grid initiatives across the Nordic countries.


SGAS is broadly in use in the Nordic countries within e.g. the Nordic Tier-1, Sweden (SweGrid, SAMS [SNIC Accounting And Metrics System]), Norway and Finland and preferred over competitive solutions like e.g. DGAS (Distributed Grid Accounting System). Therefore NeIC, SNIC and UNINETT Sigma AS have entered a collaboration agreement to continue to fund the maintenance and development of SGAS.